Meet Leisa

I’m an author, small homesteading domestic artist, and Youtuber based in Michigan.

I’ve been there!

I know what food insecurity looks like and feels like. When a hot and ready pizza is your menu for the week because you only have $10 to your name and payday is 4 days away.

I believe that a well stocked pantry is the best insurance money can buy. It is my goal to show you how to build a pantry that will provide for you and yours during g the good times and the bad.

Preparedness is not all about the end of the world as we know it. It’s about life’s little, or not-so-little emergencies: job loss, weather-related emergencies, health emergencies, and more.

Your Pantry can give you the safety net that makes all the difference during hard times. I hope you will join me and begin building or continue to build a well-stocked pantry.

Where can you find me?

I’m the author of two books. Project Pantry and the Suttons Daze Fiesta Ranch World Domination Cookbook.

You can also find me on Youtube where I share my latest canning projects, dinner ideas from canned food, preparedness series, and more!

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Keep learning, keep growing, and keep preparing your pantry!

Keep getting tips on pantry preparedness!