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The products I review are either purchased by me or provided by a company in return for an honest, sound review of said product. I do my best to give you honest and sound feedback about said product, and whether it is something that I recommend. I will never recommend a product to you that I would not use for my family. I may receive compensation in the way of free product or advertising income for a review of an item that I did not purchase myself, and I will let you know that beforehand. I also may receive benefit from a referral link to a product that I recommend, which may have been purchased by me, or may be part of a sponsored advertisement on the site. In either case, it is something that you will know beforehand.

My opinions are my own, never that of an advertiser. If I am provided information to further explain how a product works (the sciency words I might not explain to you well enough), I may include that copy in my review, but the actual review of said product will be fully my own.

Amazon Affiliate Program:

I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. This means, if you click on any link on my site that leads to Amazon, I may receive a small percentage of your purchase, but it doesn’t cost more for you.

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This work is copyrighted by SuttonsDaze.com, and written solely by me. While I love that you may want to share my content with the rest of the world, please do so in a responsible manner by using the social share buttons that are provided at the beginning and end of each post. You may not republish my content in any fashion without my express consent. Please contact me with any questions or inquiries.


I am not a doctor, lawyer, carpenter or nutritional anthropologist. I also don’t play any one of these on TV.  I share those practices and steps that my family practices, with all due diligence to make sure that none of the advice I give will kill anyone! I aim to practice safe food preservation techniques, and encourage your responses to be in that light. SuttonsDaze.com or Leisa Sutton cannot be held liable for any damages caused by your own negligence in performing tasks outlined on the blog.