Canning Checklist

The world is a busy place these days and I’m seeing a lot of posts recently where folks are forgetting the steps. This is a simple checklist to help you follow the process. You can get the free download for a canning checklist here.

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  1. Molly Spradley says:

    What an awesome checklist! This would be great laminated so that for every canner load you could use a dry-erase or grease marker and tick off each point as you go through your batch. Thank you for so kindly making this free, Leisa!

    1. Mary Catherine von Jess says:

      Excellent idea, Molly!

      Thank you for the checklist, Leisa! I just finished my 1s5t batch of ugly chicken!
      You are such a blessing and mentor to us all. Thank you for everything.
      Tomorrow I am trying canning ground beef and pork butt.
      I’m looking forward to trying your recipes. Cheers to you!

  2. Hi Leisa…I’ve been lurking for several weeks. I especially enjoy Monday Nights. My canning experience is making wine jelly, many years ago. About 6 month ago, I decided we needed more food on hand, since we now have 2 grands living with us. I’ve never seen a 4 year old eat almost as much food as her 17 year old brother!

    After calling Presto and being told not to can on the glass top, I bought a Presto induction canner. That led to the need for an induction burner (hot plate type) because. I took my canner to the Purdue Extension office to have the gauge checked. While I was there, they told me about a canning 101 class that was scheduled for the coming weekend. Of course, I signed up. We canned tomatoes and green beans.

    The instructor,also, told us about the Master Canning class coming up in spring 2024. I immediately thought of you. If you are interested, I can verify the dates and contact info.

    Thank you for all your hard work and your willingness to share your knowledge.

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