The Must-Have Canning Tools You Need

Canning is a great way to preserve food, and having the right tools can make the process more efficient and successful. Here are some “must-have” canning tools:

  1. Water Bath Canner or Pressure Canner:
  2. Canning Jars:
    • Choose jars appropriate for the type of canning you’re doing (regular or wide-mouth).
    • Ensure jars are free from cracks and chips.
  3. Lids and Bands: Use the coupon code SUTTONS10 to save 10% off your order.
    • New, unused canning lids are crucial for creating a proper seal.
    • Bands can be reused as long as they are in good condition.
  4. Canning Funnel:
    • Helps in filling jars without spilling, keeping the jar rims clean for proper sealing.
  5. Jar Lifter:
    • A tool with gripping tongs specifically designed to safely lift hot jars in and out of the canner.
  6. Head Space Measurer:
    • Ensures the correct amount of headspace is left in each jar, which is essential for proper sealing.
  7. Bubble Remover/Debubbler Tool:
    • Helps release air bubbles trapped in the jar to ensure airtight seals.
  8. Lid Wand or Magnetic Lid Lifter:
    • Makes it easy to lift and place sterilized lids onto jars without touching them.
  9. Canning Rack:
    • For water bath or pressure canning, a rack helps keep jars off the bottom of the canner to prevent breakage. Most canners come with one, if you have a 23qt pressure canner, a second rack will allow you to pressure can two layers of pints.
  10. Timer: Use the coupon code SUTTONS10 for 10% off
    • Essential for accurate processing times. Over-processing or under-processing can lead to spoilage.
  11. Kitchen Towels and Paper Towels: Use the coupon code SUTTONS10 for 10% off
    • For wiping jar rims, cleaning up spills, and ensuring a clean and sterile work area.
  12. Labeling Materials:
    • Marking the date and contents of each jar helps track freshness.
  13. Pot Holders or Jar Grippers:
    • Protect your hands from hot jars during handling.
  14. Measuring Tools: Use the coupon code SUTTONS10 to save 10%
    • Accurate measuring cups and spoons for ingredients like sugar and vinegar.
  15. Food Processor or Knife Set:
    • Depending on your recipes, tools for chopping, slicing, and preparing the ingredients.
  16. Canning Ladel is a great extra tool. I use this for canning and daily use because it is so easy and you can sit it on the edge of the pot.

Remember to always follow recommended canning guidelines and recipes to ensure the safety and quality of your preserved foods.

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  1. What is the black cooling rack you have in recent videos? looks like floor tiles with round holes but you haven’t posted it any where I can find.

  2. Lynn Zanlungo says:

    Hi Leisa, Is your steam canner aluminum or stainless steel ?

    1. Leisa Sutton says:

      I believe my version is aluminum

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