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  1. Dolly Bullock says:

    Just ordered the pectin you use, should be here in a few days. I’m looking forward to trying this! Looks yummy.
    I found jalapeno powder in grocery store months ago, I’ve used it in homemade salsa and such.

  2. Jam in Sandra says:

    Yes I did try it! Shared it with sold pro canner. She gave me 2 thumbs up, I am a beginner. Started 2021 of September. I have been doing your recipes. I have been getting all thumbs up from my pro canner. You are awesome !! I am doing my own 52 weeks of jams and jellies only. Canuary I did bread & butter pickles. Dill pickles. Blueberry jalapeno jam. Cabbage mix chow chow. I have gotten your jalapeño powder. Persona pectin. Will follow you! Love you & Phil & co.

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