How To Can Low Sugar Blueberry Jam

Low Sugar Blueberry Jam! A little bit sweet, a whole bunch of goodness!

Blueberry season in our part of Michigan happens during the first two weeks of August. It is always when I restock our Blueberry Jam for the year and make a few batches to sell and give away.

It was a cool crisp morning when we arrived before dawn to be some of the first to enter the blueberry farm. The morning dew dripped off of the bushes while waiting for the sun to warm them. It is a magical time that I look forward to each year.

We scoped out a few different spots before we hit the mother load. Bushes with varying degrees of ripeness but all with big beautiful blueberries ready for the picking.

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My favorite blueberry picker and I got to work filling our buckets with fresh, delicious blueberries. Together we filled 8 buckets. Each bucket holds approximately 6 pounds of blueberries. Seven of the buckets followed us home and one was dropped off to a friend.

Forty-two pounds of blueberries now needed to be sorted and frozen. This is my least favorite part of the experience. But ever the price to be paid for the best blueberries ever!

I managed to get six buckets sorted and in the freezers but I left six pounds out to make some low sugar blueberry jam.

Making The Jam

Typically I make regular blueberry jam, packed full of sweet sugary goodness. But we don’t eat that jam. Neither Phil nor I can handle that amount of sugar. This year, with everything going on I knew I would not be selling very much jam so I decided to try making low sugar jam using Pamona’s Universal Pectin.

The directions included in the box are very thorough. I truly believe making regular sugar jam is more difficult when it comes to finding that perfect set.

I hope you give low sugar jam making a try using Pamona’s Universal Pectin. I think you’ll be very pleased with the results.

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Low Sugar Blueberry Jam

Leisa Sutton


  • 8 cups blueberries (whole) or
  • 4 cups blueberries (mashed)
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 box Pamona's Universal Pectin


  • Follow instructions from the Pamona's box
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  1. I used this for Strawberries and doing blueberries next. I love that the flavor of the fruit is what you taste, not sugar. Added bonus not fake sugar.

  2. Hello! I want to try this recipe! Can you use frozen blueberries instead?

  3. Mary Ellen says:

    love how you explain everything so well

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